52 Risks Framework


How to Avoid RiskWashing

‘Riskwashing’ – a greenwashing equivalent – is where a business represents (and convinces itself) that it has robust risk management systems without implementing them or ensuring they are embedded and working. To avoid being tagged as engaging in riskwashing, it's critical to develop and implement authentic risk management practices that will be implemented and endure.

Operational Risks


Financial Risks


Ten Important Financial Risks

This article outlines ten important financial risks that may arise for many – if not all – businesses in an economic downturn. Even in buoyant economic times, however, these financial risks need to be closely monitored and assessed.

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Understanding Risk Interconnectedness

More and more business leaders are appreciating the interconnectedness of risks, both internally within the business and externally. Decisions made in one part of a business can directly or indirectly impact risks in another part of a business. Business leaders need to have robust and structured risk management practices to be able to anticipate, pre-empt, and manage these interconnected risks.

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Risk Management And Value Creation

Risk managers often find it difficult to articulate the value of an investment in risk management. Likewise, business owners, directors, and executives struggle to justify an investment in risk management. There are always many competing financial priorities. There are four key outcomes that will arise from an investment in risk management.

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