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52 Risks® Update (December 2021): Risks and Opportunities in 2022 and Company Director Magazine Article: Stress Rehearsal

Risks and Opportunities in 2022

Enterprise Risk Management

2021 was – somewhat unfortunately – another momentous and generation-defining year for the globe, countries, communities, businesses and individuals. The resilience of all was tested again in 2021.

2022 will no doubt present a range of similar challenges. The World Economic Forum’s much awaited Global Risks Report will be released in January 2022 and will provide insights into the risks and opportunities ahead.

In the meantime, two recent reports are worth reading:

Both reports offer comprehensive and in-depth assessments of current and emerging risks. It is not possible in one short email to do justice to these reports with any abridged summary of each. 

However, both reports cover the full spectrum of geopolitical, economic, covid, environment, societal and technology risks and have excellent executive summaries. The analysis contained in the reports provide business leaders with views and perspectives on the changes underway – and ahead – that will shape the external business environment. These changes will present both business challenges as well as opportunities to be capitalised on. 

Company Director Magazine Article: Stress Rehearsal 

scenario planning and stress testing
The Australian Institute of Company Directors’ Company Director magazine asked me to highlight the tools and techniques directors and executives can use to tackle the risks and opportunities arising from climate change and other emerging risks in its December 2021 / January 2022 issue. 

Stress Rehearsal is the title of the resultant article, which explores the history and use of scenario planning. I was pleased to be able to reference and showcase the great work done in scenario planning, stress testing and shareholder communications by Australian companies BHP, Lendlease, Macquarie Group, Transurban, and Wesfarmers. 

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