Month: January 2022

Risk Management Guide for Start Up and Tech Companies

Start-up ventures face unique business challenges. They are, by their nature, smaller enterprises without the established management or financial resources of larger, established businesses. Most start-up ventures today are almost 100% technology firms, with business models built around software and technology-driven operational processes.

For start-ups and tech firms, 52 Risks® provides a starting list of high-level risk categories to consider. This can be used in the design stage or in the early pilot / start-up phases. The 52 Risks® framework can also be used as a business expands and grows with more customers, new geographic areas and new products and customer segments.

52 Risks® assist founders and business leaders – that may not have access to specialized risk management expertise – better understand their risks.

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22 Ways the 52 Risks® Framework Can Build a Stronger Business in 2022

There is little doubt that challenges will face all businesses in 2022.
The 52 Risks® framework can be used to assist business owners, executives and risk managers gain a deeper understanding of the risks that any business may face. This will enable growth and stronger, more reliant businesses.
Below are 22 ways in which the 52 Risks® framework can facilitate the discussion and oversight of risk in any business.

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