Risk Management for Start-ups and Tech Companies

52 Risks® Update (January 2022): Risk Management for Start-up and Tech Companies, World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2022, Twitter as a Risk Management Tool, and more

Risk Management for Start-up and Tech Companies 

risk management for startups and tech companies

Start-up ventures face unique business challenges. They are, by their nature, smaller enterprises without the established management or financial resources of larger, established businesses. Most start-up ventures today are almost 100% technology firms, with business models built around software and technology-driven operations processes.

For start-ups and tech firms, 52 Risks® provides a starting list of high-level risk categories to consider. 52 Risks® can assist founders and business leaders – that may not have access to specialized risk management expertise – better understand their risks.

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World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2022

#WEF WEF World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2022

The World Economic Forum’s much awaited Global Risks Report 2022 was released this month.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Global Risks Report got some good coverage but was quickly lost after release. The past two years – in a COVID world – has seen keener interest in the views and perspectives of the business leaders, policy makers and researchers contained in the report.

The report also provides a window into longer term issues that will need to be addressed both today and in a post-COVID world. Over a 10-year horizon, pandemics (called infectious diseases) feature lower down the list, which is now dominated by a range of environmental and social issues.

The full report can be read here and is essential reading for all business leaders.

Twitter as a Risk Management Tool

The world today is much more integrated than previous decades. In the past, events the other side of the globe would take days, weeks, and months to impact.

Information on events, trends and issues would similarly takes months if not years to be communicated and analyzed. The information revolution has changed all of that. Perhaps there is too much information now to digest.

Curated news and analysis – both via traditional news channels and new media via the internet – has its place. However, these channels cannot possibly encompass all a business’ potential external risk issues.

Twitter can be one way directors, executives and risk managers can curate a personalized news feed. It has been noted by many that twitter was the source of the early news on the COVID-19 break out in Wuhan, China. Well ahead of mainstream media.

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