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52 Risks® Update (February 2022): Ten Important Financial Risks: The Bad and the Ugly (There are No Good Ones), Want to Take Calculated Business Risks? Just Do It !, Geopolitical Risk Resources, and more

Ten Important Financial Risks: The Bad and the Ugly (There are No Good Ones)

financial risk management

Revenue, cash flow and liquidity are the grim reapers of financial risk. An unrelenting focus is always needed on these three financial measures.

There is, however, a longer list of financial risks that business owners, directors, executives, Chief Financial Officers and finance managers must maintain a constant watch over. In an economic downturn, many of these risks can emerge at short notice.

The article, Ten Important Financial Risks, on the 52 Risks website details financial risks in the 52 Risks framework that may arise for many – if not all – businesses in a post pandemic world. Even in buoyant economic times, these financial risks need to be closely monitored and assessed.  Click here to read the article.

Want to Take Calculated Business Risks? Just Do It !

nike phil knight just do it

I love this quote from the founder of Nike. It neatly sums up the dilemma business owners, entrepreneurs, and start-up founders face in the early stages.

Risk management ultimately is all about risk taking. How much risk do I want to take?

For more on risk taking check out the free, 23 page 52 Risks® Guide for Start-Up & Tech Companies released last month. Go to the 52 Risks® website and download the complimentary guide here.

Geopolitical Risk Resources

geopolitical risk Source: Reuters

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a reminder that geopolitical events are always just around the corner. The knock-on effects of the invasion and conflict will affect many countries, economies, trade flows and businesses.

We will learn of the effects on businesses operating in Russia and Ukraine in the coming days and weeks. In addition, the impact of movements in currency, commodity and financial markets will also become apparent.

Keeping tabs on geopolitical risks and issues that may impact a business can be challenging. Once identified, it can also be difficult to work out what – if anything – can be done to mitigate the risks.

The 52 Risks website has a list of government, academic, commercial and media resources was compiled last year. It can provide business leaders with insights and tools to better identify and assess geopolitical risks and issues around the world.

Click here to read the full list.