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Top 10 Scenario Planning and Stress Testing Resources

A guide to a range of scenario planning and stress testing resources to assist boards, management teams and risk managers plan for the future.

  1. Scenarios: Shooting the Rapids, Harvard Business Review, November 1985 (Article)

Strategic planning processes and frameworks including case studies from Pierre Wack, economist and former Royal Dutch/Shell Group executive. (Article)

  1. Scenario Planning: A Tool for Strategic Thinking, MIT Sloan Management Review, January 1995 (Article $)

A good overview of the strategic planning process and benefits from Paul .J.H. Schoemaker, academic and management consultant. (Article $)

  1. Using Scenarios to Plan for Tomorrow, Harvard Business Review, March 2012 (Article)

A seven-step process for undertaking scenario planning from academic and management consultant, Mike Rosenberg

  1. Living in the Futures, Harvard Business Review, May 2013 (Article)

Practical advice and guidance on scenario planning from two former, Royal Dutch/Shell Group executives, Angela Wilkinson and Roland Kupers.

  1. Managing Financial Risk: The Role of Stress Testing and Downside Scenario Analysis, December 2019 (Article)

Article from the Creator & Founder of 52 Risks, Peter Deans outlining the benefits of stress testing and scenario planning in the corporate sector and how to undertake effective stress testing.

  1. Scenario Planning 101 for Directors, Company Director Magazine, February 2021 (Article)

Practical advice and guidance on scenario planning from Cheryl Durrant, a career defence specialist. The article has, in turn, a list of additional resources.

  1. Stress Rehearsal, Company Director Magazine, December 2021 (Article)

Article from the Creator & Founder of 52 Risks, Peter Deans outlining contemporary current techniques to assess new threats such as climate change.

  1. Stress Testing for Nonfinancial Companies, McKinsey (Article)

A recent article on the use of stress testing in the corporate sector.

  1. Good Practice Guide to Climate Stress Testing, United Nations Environment Programme (Document)

A detailed guide from the United Nations Environment Programme on climate change stress testing. Lots of diagrams, tips and advice on undertaking scenario planning and stress testing.

  1. Shell Scenarios, The Shell Group (Website)

A website from The Shell Group, a pioneer in scenario planning in the corporate sector. The website outlines the Shell Group’s approach to the development of scenarios and documenting numerous scenarios.