Moleskine Notebook Risk Management

Custom designed 52 Risks® X Moleskine® notebooks are now available in the new 52 Risks® shop.

Each notebook comes with a fold-out guide to the 52 Risks® framework and nine sheets of Strategic, Financial and Operational Risks stickers.

Moleskine® notebooks are high quality, industry leading notebooks – manufactured in Italy.

Be ready to document all the risks and opportunities as you think of them. For any risk managers or other executives struggling to get engagement on risk management topics they are the perfect tool (and gift) to get directors or senior managers thinking about risk management.

Sometimes in the digital age it takes an analogue strategy to get cut through.

The Moleskine® notebooks, 52 Risks® fold-out guide and stickers are for sale at A$49.50 (Medium) and A$59.50 (Large). There is free shipping within Australia for orders of $150.00 or more.  Go to the Online Store here.