enterprise risk management

52 Risks Creator and Founder, Peter Deans, recently authored an article for the Indian Institute of Directors (IOD)’s magazine, Director Today, titled Risk Maturity Assessment: A Critical Tool for Directors. The article outlines key principles and activities to assess the risk maturity of any organization and identifying gaps in its enterprise risk management practices and risk culture.

Larger organizations need to periodically review the embeddedness and effectiveness of their risk management framework and systems.  For some, this may even be a regulatory requirement.

Risk Maturity Assessments are a structured activity that looks holistically at the design, operation and effectiveness of the organization’s risk management frameworks, systems, and practices. By taking meaningful steps to address any gaps identified, an organization will be better prepared to manage potential risks in the future.

The full magazine is free and can be viewed here.

The full article in pdf form can be downloaded Risk Maturity Article_IOD-Director-Today-Nov-2023