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Risk Management Article: Avoiding Cyber Confusion in the Board Room

Business owners, directors and executives need to have a comprehensive understanding of the cyber risks facing their companies and organizations. The increasingly complex internal and external landscape presents unique challenges. Several key steps can however significantly increase the cyber resilience of any company or organization, irrespective of size. In a recent article for Diligent Corporation, Peter Deans, founder of 52 Risks, outlines what can be done to build cyber resilience.

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Presentation: Business Model Risk – Building financially and operationally resilient businesses.

At the Governance Institute’s Virtual Governance and Risk Management Forum 2020, 52 Risks Creator & Founder, Peter Deans presented on business model risk. During the session, five key questions that can assist stakeholders critically assess excessive risk taking, cyclical business risk and other more serious structural flaws in the business model were discussed.

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Risk Management Article: The Big Covid-19 Blind Spot

Few organizations could have ever been prepared, operationally or financially, for the scale and magnitude of the COVID-19 crisis. However the value of implementing a more comprehensive approach to risk management is becoming more apparent. 52 Risks Creator and Founder, Peter Deans, provided his thoughts on some of the early risk management lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic period in an article for Singularity University’s Hub.

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