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Risk Management Article: Winning Hand

The recent events surrounding Australia’s Crown Resorts casino operator highlight the perils of not having embedded and effective risk governance and oversight. The “Winning Hand” article for the Australian Institute of Company Directors magazine highlights how boards and executive teams can avoid a ‘lite’ approach to risk governance and risk management. 

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Spotlight on Business Model Risk

Business leaders often neglect to critically question the sustainability of their business model. When a line of business, department, segment or product is going well the temptation is to rely on it more heavily for future revenue and earnings growth. There are a number of key questions that can be asked to assess and understand business model risk.

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Welcome to the 52 Risks® Framework

52 Risks® is a unique, innovative framework designed to assist organizations identify, assess and manage their business risks. It proposes a common language and terminology for business risks in a consistent manner. The framework comprises 17 Strategic Risks, 16 Financial Risks and 19 Operational Risks. All potential business risks will map to one of these risk categories.

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